I’m scared. Not of spiders, snakes, or heights; but of the future. I’m afraid of growing old and not being able to remember the time I had my first kiss.  I’m scared I won’t find the love of my life or have kids. I’m scared that life won’t be what I hope it will be like. I’m afraid of death and what those slow moments before then will be like. I’m scared of those moments afterwards. I’m just scared. 

3 months ago

I wonder if you ever think of me when your mind runs out of thoughts 

3 months ago

177 Days

"Sometimes I close my eyes
For a split second nothing more
A simple blink
but in those split seconds I can only see you.
It’s been months since that day
You ripped my heart from my body
177 days
15,300,000 seconds
I should hate you
And I do
But something about the way
Your green eyes twinkled or
How you held me or
The way you kissed me
Makes me miss you
You were the first guy
I truly loved
Even in the short months we were together
I loved you
You were so perfect until that day
That day you traded my love for hers
Now your eyes twinkle for her
So twinkle twinkle little star
Oh how I wonder what you are”

3 months ago
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